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1.62B Online Transactions
90M Customer Households
>2X Industry Roas Benchmark

The Benefits of Advertising With Us


The Benefits of Advertising with The Home Depot

Advertising Solutions

Regardless of your budget, we have a solution to meet your marketing needs  

Dynamic Media



Reach customers who have visited your products on through off-site retargeted ads on channels including Facebook, Pinterest and Google.

  • • $5K budget minimum 
  • • Self-service portal 
  • • Automated creative 
  • • Brand level campaigns 
  • • Real-time results/reporting
  • • You control budgets and flight dates
Commerce Marketing



Reach customers through ads on Home Depot owned channels, including sponsored products on and custom email campaigns with more opportunities are coming soon.

  • • $5K budget minimum 
  • • Self-service portal 
  • • Automated creative 
  • • SKU level campaigns by brand 
  • • Real-time results/reporting 
  • • You control budgets and flight date
Multi-Media Support



Custom-built integrated marketing campaigns built from the ground up. Ads on all channels including TV, radio, social media, digital,
email, PR and print.

  • • Dedicated resources
  • • Custom creative and media plan
  • • Reporting tailored to individual campaigns

Retail Media+

Elevate your brand with partner advertising from The Home Depot. Our mission is simple. We create the best interconnected experience for your brand and the customers we both serve. No matter the size of your budget or your goals, we can work together to find an advertising solution that’s right for you. 

The Benefits of Advertising with us
By advertising with The Home Depot, by reaching millions of our customers online and in our 2200 stores. We can help you improve the visibility of your brand, increase online and in-store traffic and give you access to real-time reporting. Learn about your customers and what drives them to purchase, whether they shop in-store, online or both. This personalization allows you to tailor your ads and ensure your audiences are getting the right message at the right time. 

We make things simple by providing advertising tools, reports and marketing expertise. No matter the budget, we have an offering for you — everything from self-service ad buying to dedicated support from our team of specialists.

Advertising Solutions 
We have 3 advertising solutions to help fit your marketing needs. Choose one or mix and match them to find what’s right for your company and your specific products.

Dynamic Media might work best for businesses with limited advertising budgets. You still can expect great customer service and a great outcome. We help you reach those customers who have specifically visited your products on with dynamically generated ads on social media platforms, like Facebook and Pinterest. Plus, get weekly reporting and access to the self-service portal.

Commerce Marketing features your products featured as sponsored products on This works well for mid-sized budget commitments. Our customers love getting real-time reporting and using the self-service dashboard.

Multi-Media Support includes custom-built integrated marketing campaigns built from the ground up. You’ll get ads on all channels including TV, radio, social media, digital, email, PR and print. This approach is for larger marketing budgets. Enjoy a dedicated resource team, providing you with reporting and insights tailored to your individual campaign.
Our methods are working. On average, our partners see two times the industry benchmark return on their ad spend.

Let’s Get Started
Let The Home Depot help you set your products apart from the rest and grow your bottom line. Sign up to begin partner advertising with us. Click here to fill out the information form. You’re well on your way to leveraging the Power of Orange.